My Philosophy


It is important to understand that there is no absolute right way of eating or living your life. We are all on a journey to find the best practices
that work for us. So it is key that you find the foods and lifestyle that is
most suitable for your current needs. 

Each of us has the power to use our mind to transform our internal and external states and create a life that is physically healthy as well as emotionally and mentally rewarding. Many times we tend to focus a lot on the results and the doing of things. We sometimes are so busy doing that we neglect our (physical, mental, emotional) being which are all interconnected! After all we are human beings and not doings. 

The philosophy of doing and being are aiming at the same goal, inner satisfaction. It is my mission to help guide and support you on how-to "do and be" and gain the inner personal satisfaction as well as the outer physical results.

The desire to become healthier usually comes from a profound physical, emotional or mental experience. The personal nature of the healing journey is different for each individual. My goal is to provide you with practical health and lifestyle management tools to live out a life with more energy, confidence, and vitality

As we begin our journey together you will begin to explore:

  • What are the things that are feeding your physical and emotional body
  •  What is causing you to find yourself doing certain things out of habit and creating negative patterns.
  •  How your thinking, feeling, and being is deeply connected to your physical, emotional, mental state of health and lifestyle choices.

With healthcare costs rising four times faster than wages and with 46 million people uninsured it's no wonder why we need to learn how to become more proactive in our own self-care. If you give the
body what it needs it can heal itself.

A Self-Healing Journey
I healed myself from a variety of chronic pain and digestive system disorders through simple, practical, low-cost, self-care not medicare and through functional medicine, food as medicine. 

I am here to guide and support you how you can do the same thing. However, what worked for me may not work for you or for everyone. The key is to see what works for you and for you to be willing, open and curious to the self-healing journey.